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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Chapter 18 marks a escalation in the story. Tris is now entering round two of initiation and round two is all about mental strength. What they do in Dauntless is put all of the initiates in a simulation that produces the initiates worst fear.  When Tris goes in the simulation for the first time she is in the middle of a field and crows start to attack her. All she does is try to stay calm and then she wakes up. In chapter 19 she goes in a simulation a second time where she is in a glass rectangle where water is rising in side and she miraculously breaks the glass.  When she wakes up Four asks her how she broke the glass and he confronts her about being divergent. Tris is trying to find out what a divergent is and how Four knows. So she goes to ask for help from Tori the woman that work at the tattoo parlor.  Tori tells Tris that Four knows because in the simulation the first time she just stopped it and the second time she manipulated the simulation.