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The devils in the pig and health care is killed

God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything - Christopher Hitchens

The part that I'm at is about how the pig in some religions is considered to be very atrocious. Hitchens brings up very good points that the pig actually isn't that bad. First, he say that the pig shares a great deal of our DNA and that we can use their skin, heart and many other body parts for human transplants, saving many lives.  He also brings up that the pig is close to us in a way that a dog is.  

In the next chapter he talks about how health care workers tried to eradicate polio through the vaccine. They had a huge problem with trying to stop it from spreading in mostly Islamic countries. This was because the religious leaders in the countries would tell their people that the vaccine would sicken their people even more and that it was used for Western countries to control their minds. This has also happened with the AIDS epidemic where religious figures would say that it is a sin to wear a condom and that the condom spreads AIDS not preventing it. This lead to even more of an out break in Brazil because an ex-cardinal preached those exact things to his congregation.