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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Tris has just passed round one of initiation. She is in sixth place with other initiates  but during round two that could all change when the dauntless-born  initiates get put in the mix. While see gets a couple of days off from training see gets a head start in the second round by making friends with some dauntless-born initiates. She gets invited by Urria to go to a unknown location in the city but she suspects it will be suicide mission.  When Tris finally finds out where she is going it is the tallest building south of the bridge with 100 floors. They all get to the top of the building where they all go zip lining to the ground.  When they get to the bottom they each have to unstrap themselves from their restraints and rely on others to catch them.  This mission means a lot to the Dauntless showing they can trust others, trust in them self, and being brave.