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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Tris's life might be getting better initiation  wise but with her relationships it's going down hill.  It all starts out when Eric her main instructor shows a ranking list of round two of initiation.  When she scans over the list she sees that her name is number one and she knows that the other initiates are going to get jealous. Many of the others are, in fact, mad because how is a Stiff number one when abnegation is the exact opposite of dauntless. Then one night when she goes to get a sip of water and someone puts a blind fold on her and ties her hand together. Tris had know idea what was going on but hears water rushing this could only be one place the pit. She tries to get away and all of a sudden Four comes out of no where and beats the life out of all of Tris's attackers. When Four helps her he tells that she need to acted vulnerable but who knows if she is actually going to take his advice.